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Kindred, while they are apex predators, do not coast through their domains without danger. Resistance to them can be met in many ways, be it from mortal hunters who wish to bring them down or other kindred seeking to remove them to further their own goals. Unlife is filled with dangers, from those within their own sect or outside or from other creatures of the night like werewolves or ghosts.

Second Inquisition

Main article: Second Inquisition

The Second Inquisition is not a single entity, but an event. A movement creating an era where risking the Masquerade comes at a cost and shapes Kindred to fear kine once more. What most Kindred mean by the phrase Second Inquisition is the covert multinational conspiracy that contains multiple intelligence services and other groups including the Vatican that are actively hunting down the undead, though this does not mean they are controlled by their respective agencies.


Main article: Sabbat

The Sabbat are monstrous creatures; vampire supremacists who see themselves above mortals and do not care for them. They are a sect that evokes fear at its mention with their ideologies being met with loathing. The Sword of Caine wages a war against the Antediluvians, a Gehenna War, seeking to claim revenge for Caine and the ancient betrayal done to him by his childer. Their goal is to destroy the Antediluvians and subject the mortal world to a world with vampires at the top.

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