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The Clanless, Panders, Orphans, Trash, Scum, Freestylers
Access to all Disciplines



Introduced in:Vampire: The Masquerade Corebook Renegade store / DriveThruRPG store


Caitiff exhibit no discernable lineage, the Caitiffs are vampires without a clan. Distrusted by their peers, they are scorned because of their lack of lineage but also feared for their unpredictability. Jacks of all trades but masters of none, each Pander makes their own way in the society of the damned, free from ancestry and expectations both.[1]

Representative of vampires in their purest form, the Caitiff do not suffer from the lineage of their Blood. In turn they are usually cast out by their clans either from shame, envy or fear. The Caitiff take their distance either in shame or pride, from their unique traits from their once clan. Caitiff embraces are not always accidental, it's assumed that the clanless do not target mortals for the embrace, but that is incorrect. In the modern night, the panders are becoming an increasingly large force. As survivors, most do not gather together and without their binding blood, they are more individualistic than those clanned. The mortals they seek for the embrace are generally strong-willed or accustomed to hardship. Their position in Kindred society is the bottom of the rung after all, only above the Thin-blood who shouldn't have been created at all. [2]


Caitiff have access to all Disciplines, but remember they are not considered in-clan even if taken at Character Creation.[3] Additional purchases of Disciplines come at a cost of 6 times the level in experience.


Untouched by their ancestors, the Caitiff do not share a common Bane. The character begins with the Flaw Suspect (•) and they may not purchase positive status during Character Creation. The Storyteller may impose a 1-2 dice penalty to social tests against Kindred who know they are Caitiff. To improve a Discipline, the cost is 6 time the level in experience points.[3]


Caitiffs do not have a clan Compulsion.

Example archetypes

  • Secret Caitiff - Binding their time the Caitiff knows that they are not a member of the clan, but has learned the ins and outs of their sire's clan and with great skill replicates the bane or avoids all situations that might show their true nature.
  • Unwanted Childe - There was nothing more than the idea of a strong childe that their sire wanted, but instead they were given a childe without their lineage flowing through their veins. In turn the Caitiff was cast out, rejected by those in their clan.

Notable characters

Maldavis - Born Carol Davis, she had a run in with a man that looked like her late great-uncle Abraham DuSable. The night ended with the Tremere Embracing her, but the Blood failing to take her into the clan. Taken in by Anarchs, she soon counted herself among the Movement. She worked quickly making a name for herself and rivaling former Chicago Prince Lodin. She was secretly backed and manipulated by some Primogen malcontents. She fought bravely and seemingly almost won Chicago, but Lodin made peace with her backers. She was betrayed and defeated by a unified Camarilla. Her closest allies died in attempts to save her. She spent decades in depression, but with Kevin Jackson as Prince, she is filled with her old drive. She is ready to guide the Anarchs of Chicago once again.[4]

Mukhtar Bey - The Caitiff Prince of Cairo. Technically a neutral domain between sects, he currently keeps the city in order as it is a strategic point for the Ashirra and Sabbat activities is seen in the surrounding area. Often concealing the deaths from the Gehenna war and violence to keep the human population in the dark. [5]


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