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Clan is a universal term used by Kindred to differentiate between the varying groups of vampires; a clan is determined by their Blood. These are the groups in which they are embraced into by their sire. There are fourteen distinct clans in the modern nights, as well as the Caitiff, the Thin-blooded, and innumerable minor bloodlines. According to Cainite mythos, Caine sired three childer who then sired childer of their own. The survivors of this third generation became known as Antediluvians and are regarded as the progenitors of the modern clans. Their blood survives in their descendants, feeding their shared powers, weaknesses, and maybe even some common behaviors and beliefs within clans.

Many of the Lasombra and Tzimisce have fallen into the ways of the Sabbat, while the Cappadocians and the Ravnos have nearly been driven to extinction by their enemies, outside of their ancestral strongholds. The Giovanni's role of prominence has been scaled down since the many bloodlines of the Clans of Death have come together during the Family Reunion, forming an uneasy alliance with one another. The Banu Haqim and Setite Ministry remain suspended between the battleground of the Gehenna war and the unreliable protection of the Camarilla or the Anarch Movement. The final seven continue to maneuver for position and duel for power. [1]

The main clans

Banu icon.png Banu Haqim

Judges of transgression, intellectuals and lawyers, assassins and blood sorcerers; once known as Assamites, the Children of Haqim have recently joined the ranks of the Camarilla.

Brujah icon.png Brujah

Fighters against the system, rebels against injustice, petty criminals, raging rabble, activists, agents of change, warrior philosophers fallen from grace.

Gangrel icon.png Gangrel

The clan closest to their inner Beast, from feral soldiers to folkloric travelers and free spirits, from inhabitants of the urban jungle to boardroom sharks.

Hecata icon.png Hecata

Necromancers, Graverobbers, Lazarenes. The Hecata are as much a Family as they are a Clan; the only true Independents in these nights, the separate Clans of Death, including the Giovanni, Cappadocians, Samedi and others have now united as the Hecata. For them, the Family is everything; and if you are not one of them, you will never know how deep the Blood runs.

Lasombra icon.png Lasombra

Winners at life, religious figures, manipulative shadow masters, social climbers, ruthless fighters; once a pillar of the Sabbat, they’ve now begun defecting to the ranks of the Camarilla.

Malkavian icon.png Malkavian

Seers and jesters affected by supernatural madness, psychological masters, oracles concealing and revealing truths and themselves.

Ministry icon.png The Ministry

The rebranded Followers of Set, refused admission by the Camarilla and welcomed among the Anarchs. Both liars and liberators, seekers of freedom from chains through pain, pleasure, and any other means, occult cultists and preachers, standing between refusal of social norms and true depravity.

Nosferatu icon.png Nosferatu

Permanently afflicted by supernatural hideousness, they hide in the dark as gatherers of secrets, information procurers, hackers, elusive enforcers, often with a connection to rats and outcasts.

Ravnos icon.png Ravnos

A nomadic clan of masters of misdirection, these rogues and illusionists prefer to not bare fangs for something they can obtain with subtler methods.

Salubri icon.png Salubri

Few exist in the modern nights; unlike other clans they are not embraced on a whim. They instead are carefully chosen by their sire to complete a task through their inquisitive nature, nigh-pious with the tenacity to survive through difficulties.

Toreador icon.png Toreador

Seekers of emotion, romance, cruelty, beauty… anything that can remind them of lost humanity and sentiment. Artists, divas, social butterflies, appraisers and lovers of beauty.

Tremere icon.png Tremere

Scholars and counsellors of the occult; heavily hit by the Second Inquisition, the warlocks guard their secrets of sorcery, hoarding and searching for knowledge.

Tzimisce icon.png Tzimisce

The Dragons of Kindred, this clan embraces to own. They do not care if their charges live well, but aim simply to control. Those who are loyal to the Tzimisce are often so more out of fear than love.

Ventrue icon.png Ventrue

Vampiric aristocracy, guardians of the Traditions and a pillar of the Camarilla, businessmen and politicians, sometimes archaic traditionalists, sometimes true entrepreneurs.


Caitiff icon.png Caitiff

Clanless and curse-less, the only trait that the Caitiff share is not having inherited the bane of the other Cainites and finding themselves outcast by Kindred belonging to any true lineage.

Thinblood icon.png Thin-blood

With the thickness of vitae dwindling, the Duskborn are too far removed from Caine to share his curse or reap the full benefits of vampirism. Thrust into the world of the night and disliked by True Kindred, they must survive the night by finding a way in or a way out.


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