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Major Kindred Cults


Main article: Ashfinders

The Ashfinders are a cult built up primarily by thin-blood who utilize social media to revel in unlife's greatest pleasures and in doing so strike back at the elders who oppress them. Within this cult, they've also found a way to cultivate their powers and gain strength without needing diablerie. This cult was built in reaction to the desire to survive and the disenchantment they faced with the political factions. While there may be Kindred who understand or sympathize with the struggles of the thin-bloods, this cult is seen as a threat to vampiric society. Ashfinder ranks are primarily thin-bloods, however, there are a few true Kindred who support them and, those that do tend to have Anarch leaning tendencies.


Main article: Bahari

There are many different stories about who Lilith was, what happened to her and why but to the Bahari, also known as the Children of Lilith, they see her as freedom and unimaginable power. Through pain, both mental and physical, the Bahari cultivate their Gardens (their term for each coven), to grasp factions of the Dark Mother's power.

Church of Caine

Main article: Church of Caine

The Church of Caine, also known as the Cainite Heresy, contains Kindred who believe in Caine as the divine angel of God and all vampires are his blessed children. Once an old order in the medieval ages it was thought to be destroyed, but a new Church rises in the modern nights. They adamantly believe vampires as not cursed, but blessed. As a vampire explores more of their predatory nature they uncover new strength and wisdom. A vampire must learn to control and harness the Beast.

Church of Set

Main article: Church of Set

The Church of Set contains Setites who want to liberate vampires from societal structures and help them find their true selves. Many fall to Beast and become a Wight, but they prove to be valuable learning lessons for the next groups of inductees. Those who survive the Setites believe they become stronger for it. Some see the orthodox Church of Set as a cult of chaos advocating against hierarchies, but others see it as some sage wisdom to be beholden to no master only learned by age old vampires.

Cult of Shalim

Main article: Cult of Shalim

A relatively new cult, the Cult of Shalim loves to find kindred with connections, dreams, loves, then slowly pull at the Kindred mind of the futility of it all. To them the core tenet of their faith, reality is suffering. Almost similar to the Church of Set, but there are no sins of the flesh or indulgences, just the void. The belief that to get rid of suffering one must also get rid of joy. Utopia cannot exist while the world exists. This nihilism comes from the many Lasombra mystics who have stared into the Abyss for too long.

Mithraic Mysteries

Main article: Mithraic Mysteries

One of the most famous Methuselah cults, the Cult of Mithras, is centuries old, led by their Ventrue namesake. Ever since Mithras’ disappearance the cult has been in disarray with no central figure to push them: Patres with their own agenda plot, while loyal Patres are paralyzed by indecision. The latter of the Patres are starting to hear word of their lord’s return. The loyalists rebuild, preparing the way for Mithras and to become significant power players in Kindred society.


Main article: Nephilim

The Nephilim are devoted followers of the Dream of Constantinople, they are also called the Children of the Angel. Named for the Childer of the Toreador methuselah, Michael, the Dream was an ideal of the perfect Kindred society lead by Michael and his Coterie; Michael was called the Archangel. The Nephilim is now a cult that wishes to embody the Dream and have a society where there is beauty in all things. Many discount them as hedonists and degenerates, or even a Toreador conspiracy. While some shun the cult, others turn to it for promises of perfection, orgies, and lavish lifestyles.

Minor Kindred Cults


Main article: Amaranthans

The Amaranthans are worshipers of an ancient Toreador Amarantha, who was supposedly the first victim of Diablerie. This cult has existed for a thousand years, regardless of sect authority, as hunters in pursuit of diablerists. A majority of the members are from the clans Brujah, Nosferatu, and the Banu Haqim and are Kindred who rarely remain in a domain long. Once they've destroyed their target they find a new one and move on. For many, joining the cult isn't a matter of choice as mortals are groomed and Embraced into their fold.


Main article: Cleopatrans

The Cleopatrans of Yima or Cleopatras are a cult formed at the height of Caesar August's Rome. Who Yima is left to debate, as two separate stories are told about her. One story is that Yima was Embraced before the clan founder was cursed. Others tell of Yima being the Nosferatu who stood between Caine and the Antediluvians to take the brunt of the clan curse while the founder only took a small fraction. The stories are contradictory, but one fact remains with Yima as a figurehead of either sympathy or aspiration. The Nosferatu within this cult adorn their hideous shapes with paint, baubles, and other items to accentuate their beauty and prove their worth as more than their horrid curse.

Cult of Isis

Main article: Cult of Isis

The Cult of Isis celebrates fertility, life, and joining ceremonies making it a strange cult for Kindred to interfere with, and since the cult's inception, there's been minimal contact. However, with the resurgence of Kindred faith, vampires have begun to enter the cult. This cult is a religion of empowerment, with the cultist's generally not recognizing Isis as an individual and instead as a concept. While there have been figures representing Isis, such as Mary or Lilith these deities have changed countless times. The mortal cultists see Isis as a representation of nature and femineity, whereas the Kindred cultists see Isis as an Embrace built of compassion and meaning as well as protecting sacred places. Due to this, the cult is fiercely protective around areas where magic is stronger, such as where the Shroud is thin or where supernatural struggle to live. However, they do not usually protect important religious areas or artifacts.


Main article: Cultivar

Those recruited into the Cultivar are shaped and molded to uproot descendants of Caine in order to build anew ontop the remains. Some members of the cult, both Kindred and mortal alike, present the idea of stability, of an ancient power and a pathway to enlightenment.

Eyes of Malakai

Main article: Eyes of Malakai

The eyes of Malakai first emerged a millenia ago as supposed worshipers of Malkav's twin sister named Malakai. If she is a vampire, a demon or a god is unknown but the legend states that Lilith embraced Malkai. This would make her similar in strength to her brother according to Cainite theory as long as both were active. That said, no one is alive to know the truth of these tales or if that she exists. The cult, however, still does exist as terrible predators with few motivations that others understand. They are a cult that is stamped out as soon as they appear, usually by Malkavians urged to oppose the cult for reasons that generally remain unknown to them.

Gorgo's Nest

Main article: Gorgo's Nest

A cult formed around the tales of a Nosferatu methuseulah, Gorgo, who was killed by a mortal man or by the Nosferatu Antediluvian in a fit of rage. This methseulah has been speculated to have been Medusa of Greek legends or the Queen of Sparta. Gorgo's Next is a cult that pursues the idea of eliminating tyrants, murders or other monsters with one exception, that being that they only eliminate men. The cult is built upon a variety of Kindred, not solely those from Clan Nosferatu. The members believe in avenging her and preventing men from causing harm. However, there is no compassion within this cult. With it's members never attempting to save, aid, or care for victims of abuse. These vampiric members are generally low Humanity and disconnected from their Touchstones, taking on this task till they fall. Upon becoming a wight, they are staked and still utilized as a hostile weapon.

Los Hijos de Si

Main article: Los Hijos de Si


Main article: Meneleans


Main article: Noddist


Main article: Praesidium

The Praesidium is a militant cult of Clan Tremere, created in response to the destruction of the Prime Chantry. They seek to defend Tremere’s legacy by emulating the clan prior to its joining the Camarilla, where they could experiment freely, make temporary pacts to organize defenses for themselves, and spend time building up their own forces of Blood Sorcery-forged bodyguards and shock troops. In Camarilla courts, the members of Praesidium operate as mercenaries. They accept blood contracts, monetary resources, boons, or other exchanges for protective work, occult consultation, or general thaumaturgical violence. At the same time, they also work to protect the clan by protecting their Chantries. Secretly however, they work to undermine the other Tremere Houses and anyone else who stands in the way of rebuilding the Pyramid.

The One True Way

Main article: The One True Way

Servitors of Irad

Main article: Servitors of Irad

As blood thirsty as their clan's namesake, The Servitors of Irad seek to sow discontent in peaceful domains and relish in the blood spilt through conflict, Kindred or Kine. Followers of this minor cult long to appease the Antediluvians, believing that by serving the them, the cultists will be spared when the Third Generation rises from their millenia-long slumber and devours their childer.

Shepherds of Ur-Shulgi

Main article: Shepherds of Ur-Shulgi

While many Banu Haqim balked at the idea of joining the methuselah's cult some Judges stayed behind and indeed engaged in the clan’s old bloody ways. The methuselah is millennia old who fell into torpor centuries ago. Ur-Shulgi slept through the birth of Christianity, Islam, Clan Tremere, and the Hecata. He had awakened to see Kindred following human religions and no longer partaking in blood rituals. He considered his clan corrupted and apostate, calling for them to go back to the old ways. He is impossibly old with an alien mind, with a goal to drink away Kindred unworthy. Most Children of Haqim fled the mad methuselah, either in fear of their faith, morality, or unlife. With a small following at first, he appointed twelve loyal to him as his permanent heralds and had them spread the ways of Haqim. In the last decade the methuselah has disappeared again, but his cult and ramification of his actions remain. The cult follows their five Laws of Haqim while they lie in wait to spread their ways.

Sons and Daughters of Helena

Main article: Sons and Daughters of Helena

Major Mortal Cults

The House of Anteros

Main article: The House of Anteros

The Church of Means

Main article: The Church of Means

Leah's Circle

Main article: Leah's Circle

The Dread Cult of Eligos

Main article: The Dread Cult of Eligos

Most of humanity would consider the demon king Eligos a nightmare incarnate but his devoted followers follow his orders and tasks to the letter as they know he can grant his chosen portions of his unfathomable power. His cabal meets in secret, receiving the commands of their dark master then going forth to follow the demon king's evil demands.

Fortunately for everyone, Eligos doesn't exist.

The Order of the Broken Branch

Main article: The Order of the Broken Branch

Minor Mortal Cults

The Black Blood Seekers

A loose collection of fringe historians and conspiracy theorists, the Seekers are convinced that Vampires were real. If they still exist is up for debate in the group but they will continue to search through any news stories or ancient texts for signs, all while discussing it in their online groups. [1]

The Temple of Endings

Tong-un Hong was a Seon Buddhist before he became Kindred. Upon discovery of Golconda, he collects followers where he tells them he is closer to enlightenment as he has shed his mortal desires.[2]

The Church of Nigel, Reborn

A few years ago a thin-blood, Nigel Hunt, awoke from his embrace in the middle of his funeral. The pastor and church elders believe his is sent by God and Nigel doesn't want to disappoint.[2]

The Order of St. Rose

Centuries ago the Order of St. Rose the split from [Society of St. Leopold] as they believe that spilling kindred vitae on the ground corrupts the earth. They now capture the vampires and drain them in specialized locations instead of outright final death, keeping the vitae until it can be destroyed during a yearly ritual.[2]

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