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The Clan of Death, Necromancers, Graverobbers, The Family, Stiffs, Corpses, Devil-Kindred, Lazarenes

Bane:[[#Bane|Painful Kiss]]


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Hecata are one of the fourteen vampire clans of Vampire: The Masquerade. A motley collection of necromantic vampire bloodlines, the Hecata clan are united in the pursuit of a single subject: Death. They are students of the afterlife and resurrectionists of the dead — or worse. Selling their services to the highest bidder, or acting in their own interests, there are few who can hide from the surveillance of those who can summon and command the very spirits of the deceased.[1]

A clan steeped in death, they practice the arts of necromancy and communication with the dead. The clan tends to favour mortals either from their own mortal family or those with useful connections to other outside families. It is speculated that the reason all Hecata share the same Disciplines unlike their ancestors is caused by the unification of the necromantic bloodlines that formed clan Hecata and the destruction of so many Giovanni elders.

At Storytellers discretion, a few changes to the Discipline line up may be made depending on the character's bloodline either through replacement of a power with another or by offering a unique 4-dot merit to unlock a fourth in-clan discipline. The following changes may be made; Giovanni line may replace Auspex with Dominate, Samedi may replace Auspex with Obfuscate, Lamiae may replace Auspex with Potence and the Nagaraja may replace Fortitude with Dominate. Keep in mind the requirements for certain Amalgams should a player want them.[2]

With the nature of their bane, the Hecata have developed methods to feed safely. Through blood bags and corpses or extracting blood from their victims without the use of their fangs. They have a habit of feeding on herds or from members of their own family, however this brings strife as resentment and fear builds between them. In more recent years, the clan has formed a unique bond with the Circulatory System, to obtain mute or comatose vessels. [3]


Below are the powers innate to the Hecata as well as the uses they find in it. [4]

  • Auspex is how the Hecata plan their moves and for this reason, they rarely strike on impulse.
  • Fortitude gives them corpse-like ability to absorb harm to their bodies, able to shrug off anything raining down upon them.
  • Oblivion allows them to communicate with and control the energies of death and of spirits. Through it's use they might question the dead or set them to attack a rival.


Painful Kiss - Hecata may only take harmful drinks from mortals which result in blood loss. Unwilling mortals that are able to escape will make the attempt, even those who are convinced or willing must succeed in a Stamina + Resolve test against Difficulty 2 + Bane Severity in order to not recoil. Vampires who are willingly bit must make a Frenzy test against Difficulty 3 to avoid terror Frenzy.[5]


Morbidity - The Hecata must study individuals around them for signs of illness or impending death. Until they either predict a death without supernatural means or solved the cause of a local death, they suffer a three-dice penalty to other rolls until the scene ends. The conclusions are not required to be entirely correct, but should be within the bounds of possible.[6]


  • La Famiglia Giovanni - Also known as Clan Giovanni, they occupy the leadership role within the Hecata, though will not refer to themselves as Hecata outside the clan. 'La Famiglia' also contains other smaller families who have not earned their own bloodline as of yet.
  • Bankers of Dunsirn - A family of Scottish bankers whom indulge in wealth, cannibalism, and family secrets.
  • Children of Tenochtitlan - Aztec necromancers known by the Giovanni as the Pisanob, "ghosts of the dead that walk the Earth".
  • Nation of Blood (Nasyon San An) - Kindred from Baron San's bloodline, associated with Vodou practices, along with their decaying flesh.
  • Flesh-Eaters - Nagaraja whom sought after a new home within Clan Hecata. They're mostly known for their necromantic and cannibalistic prowess.
  • Harbingers of Ashur - Remnants of Clan Cappadocian after being usurped by the Giovanni, captivated with the secrets of death and the soul.
  • The Criminal Puttanesca - A family of Sicilian mobsters known for their talents in crime and street hustling.
  • The Gorgons - Remnants of the Lamia who are devoted to the Bahari faith, whom the curse of the Painful Kiss originates.
  • Little Siblings - The Rossellini, once a rival family of the Giovanni with a talent for necromancy, are known for their brutal exploitation of Wraiths.
  • Grudge Masters - The Milliners, a family of American bankers with connections to organized crime.

Example archetypes

  • Back Alley Doctor - Through backhanded deals they get their blood from those unable to use standard medical facilities. Their skills lie in patching up a bullet wound to cracking the skulls of those who do not pay on time.
  • Fortune Teller - The Hecata's ability to commune with the dead and perceive glimpses of the future makes them excellent at giving the living a sliver of information for a heavy price. Through guile and manipulation their pockets remained lined.
  • Mortuary Attendant - Corpses are the Hecata's best friend. Their time in life prepared them for this job and now this job is the only thing feeding them in adversarial nights.
  • Crime Scene Cleaner - Trinkets are the like are easy found at the scene of a crime, this Hecata has taken advantage of that fact. Able to take items to summon spirits they unravel the stories of what truly happened at a brutal murder scene.

Notable characters

Roger de Camden - One of the oldest and most mysterious Kindred in the Clan of Death. In his life he was many things, a scholar, necromancer, and survivor. Originally English-born after his embrace into the Cappadocians he traveled all over to learn more of the clan's craft. He turned to his native England when he heard of the ancient Kindred Mithras' presence. The two grew close becoming his Seneschal and secret lover. When the Giovanni began to hunt members of the bloodline, he used powerful necromancy to fake his death. He took on a new identity, Pater Thomas, to lead the cult of Mithras from London to Edinburgh. After being used as bait to seemingly end Mithras, Roger's identity has been revealed. Currently the elder has joined the Hecata, rules Edinburgh as Prince, and runs the Cult of Mithras as he waits for the Ventrue to return.[7][8][9]



The clan tends to favor mortals either from their own mortal family or those with useful connections outside of the families. There is a preference for those able to withstand death, either through mortals who have faced it dead on or caused it. As well as those who worked in the fields of medical or occult. Little need is found in those who hold compassion or empathy unless used to close a gap in the clan. Graverobbers embrace those willing to do whatever it takes for the good of their family or community. To them, family comes first even if you are not a Giovanni by name. It is seen as giving the most exceptional person the most exclusive family houses.

Spontaneous embraces are generally frowned upon, as they tend to prefer a more ritualistic approach of watching and grooming would be childer before casting their opinion on their worthiness. Each new addition is usually carefully selected and adds something to the clan, with them seeking to serve the family and expand its interest. With no other true independents in these nights, the Hecata are alone against everyone else.

Criminal kingpins, the self motivated, those who have seen death, occultists, medical professionals, all have things that can attract any branch of the Hecata and sees them as candidates for Embrace. Knowledge of death is also sought after, those with academic, scientific, or religious experience in death or the afterlife are approached. Of course criminals are appealing, from con artists, to professional killers, to crooked money launderers all do much to pique the interest of the clan. Fledglings and neonates usually take to expand the family’s interest or research new mysteries into the cycle of life and death.[10]

Exclusive Loresheets

Hecata characters have special access to the following loresheets:

High Clan

Bankers of Dunsirn

Children of Tenochtitlan

Descendants of the Baron


Harbingers of Ashur

La Famiglia Giovanni

The Criminal Puttanesca

The Gorgons

Calling the Family Reunion

Little Siblings

Grudge Masters

1444 Chamber

Descendant of Roger de Camden


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