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The Clan of the Moon, Lunatics, Madmen, Jesters, Oracles, Dervishes, Visionaries, Children of Malkav

Bane:[[#Bane|Fractured Perspective]]


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Malkavian are one of the fourteen vampire clans of Vampire: The Masquerade. Derided as Lunatics by other vampires, the Blood of the Malkavians lets them perceive and foretell truths hidden from others. Like the “wise madmen” of poetry their fractured perspective stems from seeing too much of the world at once, from understanding too deeply, and feeling emotions that are just too strong to bear.[1]

Their Embraces come from all walks of life and age, with most Embraces carries something that was only visible to the sire. One the gifts sought is called the "Second Sight" or, the ability to understand dreams, perceive spirits or predict the future to some successful degree. The second gift is that of "insight", otherwise known as someone who is highly empathetic up to finely-tuned knowledge of a subject. Due to this many of the clan come from professions in academics or doctors. Lastly, they hold interest in those they deem "broken" by traumatic events. Due to these traits and their general instability, most Kindred never feel comfortable around a known Malkavian, often viewing them as unpredictable who is rarely worth the effort.

Some Children of Malkav claim that there is a common trait they all share. Believed to be connected through a psychic link, a wavelength of sorts called the Cobweb or more recently titled the Network.[2][3]


Below are the powers innate to the Malkavians as well as the uses they find in it. [4]

  • Auspex enriches their senses in order to play on their victim's weaknesses.
  • Dominate gives them the power of Dementation, utilized by the Malkavian to drive others mad.
  • Obfuscate remains a discipline they do not advertise, but gives them the ability to traverse unseen when desiring information or blood.


Fractured Perspective - When suffering a Bestial Failure or a Compulsion, their mental derangement comes to the forefront. Suffers a penalty equal to their Bane Severity to one category of dice pools (Physical, Social or Mental) for the entire scene. The penalty and nature of the affliction are decided between the player and Storyteller during character creation.[5]


Delusion - Whether it's figments of their imagination or extrasensory perception of the truths. For one scene, the Malkavian suffers a 2 dice penalty to rolls involving Dexterity, Manipulation, Composure, or Wits. As well as rolls to resist terror Frenzy.[6]

Example archetypes

  • Medium - In life they worked with the occult, piercing whatever the mortal eye could either as truthfully as they could or as a scam. In death, they continue this work but now aided by their vampiric powers.
  • Conspiracy Theorist - There was something they weren't being told. Bigfoot was real and they were determined to prove it. That determination has only shifted now in death, driving them to find out the unknown.
  • Broken Soul - Life dealt them a bad hand, scarring them forever. If unlife has done anything better for them it is still unknown.
  • Reporter - With their ability to perceive truths and fragments of future events, they utilize their skill with Auspex to gather all the information they can for the biggest scoop of their life.

Notable characters

Jeanette/Therese Voerman - Malkavian Sisters who ran The Asylum club in Los Angeles and have now branched it across the world in a franchise across America, Asia and Europe. Known for their combative personalities the Voerman sisters do not get along and so now they run separate Asylums, one in Santa Monica and the other in Hollywood. However they are never seen in one place together, as those closest to them know that they are one vampire with two distinct personalities sharing a single body. [7]

Vasantasena - Through the Middle Ages she traveled with her sire, Unmada, preaching against the Blood bond and denying the traditional Kindred hierarchy and the loss of free will that followed. They condemned the Antediluvians through the Jyhad and joined the Sabbat during it's original formation. Her ideals were rejected by both the Sabbat and Camarilla, leading her to eventually creating a faction of Malkavians to embrace free from the Sabbat. [8]

X - Santa Monica based Kindred. He may be Annabelle's first Kindred friend and became part of the Vamily in LA by Night. Though he may have more going on than meets the eye as he works under the Baron of Santa Monica, Therese Voerman.

Leysha - Resides in Boston, Massachusetts with powerful precognitive and investigative abilities utilized by the Boston Court. Much of her past is unknown other than her being from Lyon, France and saved by her sire. Due to her gifts and importance, she experienced a more secluded unlife until the events of Vampire: The Masquerade Swansong.[9]

Juliet Parr - Current Malkavian Justicar, hailing from London as former Sheriff of North London. She has the power to investigate and apprehend enemies of the Tower. She uses her skill in interrogation and near obsessive fixation on details to her advantage. She attempts to aid Queen Anne in stabilizing London, her fate is uncertain.[10]



Malkavian Embraces are diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, the only thing that matters is what inner trait the would-be sire sees in a prospective childe. Some look for people with the ability to see the unseen and pierce the veil. Seeing the dearly departed or divining the future. Many Malkavians also embrace childers with insight, humans who ask deep questions, have high empathy and emotional intelligence, or an intense want to understand the truth. The last group are the more stereotypical ones, the ones that have survived harrowing experiences or the ones constantly dissociating from reality. All these are candidates for a Malkavian embrace. Coincidentally, these traits have brought in many spiritualists, psychologists, detectives, “broken” individuals, and many more depending on what a Malkavian sire wants to see.[11]

In Human Society

In human society many Malkavians are attracted to similar personality types that make a good childe. They flock to people society considers broken or disturbed, or seek to learn from deep philosophical kine. Cult leaders, hospital board members, clinic owners, etc. are possible positions a Malkavian takes to be near their favored Kine. Some herds and retainers of often forgotten communities become obsessive of their Malkavian masters for the attention given.[12]

In Kindred Society

The Malkavians are cursed and their minds are burned with seeing too many truths, feeling emotions to such a strong degree, or the Blood activating age-old mental wounds. However the Malkavian bane manifest, they have a negative reputation of being a clan cursed with madness. Though some consider their madness may be like the stories told in times of old of seers and prophets with some truth hidden behind their ramblings.[13]

The Malks are said to have flashes of great insight along with fits of delusion. Many Kindred keep a wide breadth away from them for this reason though some find it a chance to learn unseeable truths. The clan has been known to make discoveries of Vitae and blood. Experiments on their own clan lead to discoveries of mystical properties conferred to Kindred by resonances of the blood. This discovery still frustrates the Tremere. Nosferatu sometimes act as shepherd for Malkavians being two groups often looked down on in the Kindred world.[14] For this reason coteries are often seen as a chance to interact and break out of their social struggles do to their stigma. Some may take center stage in coteries for acknowledgement of their coteriemates, others may find such amounts of interaction demanding and overstimulating. How the coterie reacts to a Malkavian in their ranks has been stories of both hope and caution for fledgling Oracles.[15]

It is said the Children of Malkav are all connected to one another in what is called the Cobweb or Madness Network. They are never really alone as their minds are psychically connected to each other’s mind. To some it may be hardly noticeable, but for others it is like having a second mind running in the background of their mind. Most can ignore it save for those few times a year that a pulse resonates through their collective. Some Oracles can have limited control of the Cobweb and some can even conduct the signature event, the Call. The Call is when the Oracles gather, directed by the Cobweb giving vague visions and ideas of meeting up. Some say this is the remaining form of Malkav always presence in his descendants mind.[16][17]

Faction Differences

The Children of Malkav thrive in the Camarilla supposedly with a sense of structure that aids their minds. This allows many Malkavians who make social faux pas to have some room for grace if they are beneficial to the sect. They can rise to seneschals and in some cases Princes.[18]

The Malkavians of the Anarchs are called the Unchained as they are rumored to be more disconnected from the clan and Cobweb. Many Malks see this as dangerous for the Unchained’s mind. Many suppose the Blood resists the Anarch Movement giving many Malkavians a reluctance to join. The reason is unknown, though this apparently happened with the Sabbat ages ago before a shift in favor of the Camarilla. Anarch Malkavians go off bravely where their clan fears to tread.

Exclusive Loresheets

Malkavian characters have special access to the following loresheets:

Descendant of Vasantasena

The Cobweb

Malkavian Family

Starfall Ranch


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