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For other Advantages see Loresheets or Coterie Backgrounds and Merits.

Merits & Flaws


Merits covering language and ability to communicate/understand spoken or written language. [1]

Merits Description Flaws Description
Linguistics Each dot of Linguistics allows the character to read, write and speak fluently in another language outside of the default two they already know, which is their native language and the language of the Domain. (••) Illiterate The Character cannot read nor write and their Science and Academics Skills may not go beyond 1 dot.


Related to the appearance, supernaturally influenced or not, of the character. [1]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(••) Beautiful Add one die to related Social pools (•) Ugly Lose one die from related Social pools
(••••) Stunning Add two dice to related Social pools (••) Repulsive Lose two dice from related Social pools
(• - ••) Semblance of the Methuselah With an appearance strikingly similar to a methuselah, gain one die on rolls to impress, intimidate or attract the attention who recognize your face. As well as gain other bonuses such as status or additional die when meeting the methuselah they resemble.[2]

Substance Abuse

Vampires seek out prey with a specific drug in their system, as defined at Character Creation. The effects of specific substances still apply. [1]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(•) High Functioning Addict Add one die to either Physical, Social or Mental pool when the last feeding had the drug of their desire. (•) Addiction Unless the action is to immediately gain their drug, lose one die to all pools if the last feeding was not on the drug of their choice.
(••) Hopeless Addiction Unless the action is to immediately gain their drug, lose two dice to all pools if the last feeding was not on the drug of their choice.

Archaic Flaws

May only be taken by Ancilla or older vampires. [3]

Flaws Description
(•) Living in the Past Unable to grasp modern societies mindset, one or more of the character's convictions reflect outdated views.
(••) Archaic Cannot use computers, cellphones and the character's Technology rating is always 0.


These can be used together to change how the Blood Bond works. [3]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(• - •••) Bond Resistance Add one die to resist Blood Bonds per level of this merit. (•) Bond Junkie The bond is sweeter to the character, they lose one die when acting against Blood Bonds.
(••) Short Bond Bonds decrease by two levels each month if not reinforced. (•) Long Bond Bonds fade slower, decreasing by one level for each 3 months without reinforcement.
(•••••) Unbondable Unable to be bonded. (••) Bondslave Bond instantly to another kindred with just one drink, not three.


Related to the act of feeding, taking one does not mean the character must take the others. [4]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(•) Bloodhound Able to sniff out resonances without tasting it. (•) Prey Exclusion Unable to feed from a certain group and take Stains as if breaking a Chronicle Tenet when they do.
(•••) Iron Gullet Able to consume rancid, defractionated or otherwise unedible blood to other vampires. (•) Methuselah's Thirst Hunger can only be slaked to 0 by Supernatural blood.
(••) Farmer Must spend 2 Willpower Points to feed on human blood. Ventrue may not take this.
(••) Organovore Slake only by consuming human flesh and organs.


Related to vampire mythos. [5]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(••) Eat Food Can consume food but still with no nourishment. (•) Folkloric Bane Take Aggravated Damage when touching a specific object rooted in vampire mythos of what harms them, example Silver.
(•••) Cold Dead Hunger Add two dice to resist Hunger frenzy.[6] (•) Folkloric Block Must spend Willpower or move away a specific object vampires are known to fear in Vampire Mythos, example Holy Symbols.
(••) Pack Diablerie The character will always be the one to take the soul unless they otherwise choose during Diablerie. Additionally, if they help another consume the soul, they gain 5 experience points to spend in the same manner as if they'd committed the Diablerie themselves.[6] (•) Stigmata Bleed from wounds on the hands, feet, and forehead when at Hunger 4.
(••) Stake Bait When staked they meet Final Death.


These merits are related to cults.[7]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(•• - ••••) Unholy Will With two dots, add one die to any pool when resisting or contesting against an individual with True Faith when related to their faith. The character also suffers one less point of damage from holy sources. At four dots, add two dice and suffer two fewer points of damage. (•) Beacon of Profanity Mortals with any amount of True Faith can sense your presence, regardless of True Faith level.
(• - •••) Zealotry For each dot in this merit, once per session when succeeding with a normal roll that relates or aligns to the character's Conviction, turn it into a messy critical. (•) Crisis of Faith Whenever there is a bestial failure, take one point of superficial Willpower damage in addition to other outcomes.
(• - •••••) Penitence Once per session, take one point of self-inflicted Superficial Health Damage in exchange for one point of Superficial Willpower damage. (•) Horrible Scars of Penitence This flaw is equivalent to Repulsive when around those not within the cult.
(••) Groveling Worm The character must find the time to scourge their own flesh once per session for two points of Superficial Health damage or they suffer one point of Aggravated Willpower damage at the next session. Cannot be taken with Penitence Merit.


Related to blood-borne illnesses.[8]

Flaws Description
(•) Disease Vector When feeding from a sick mortal, the illness is always contracted and will be passed onto the next vessel.
(• - ••) Plaguebringer The Kindred carries a disease that cannot be removed from their vitae. At one dot the disease is minor with visible traces, at two dots the disease can be potentially fatal if not treated. It is passed through the bite.


Only Thin-Bloods may take these merits and flaws. [9]

Merits Description Flaws Description
Anarch Comrades Befriended an Anarch group, act as a one dot Anarch Mawla. Shunned by the Anarchs They've done something and the Anarch's shun them, more likely to throw them to the Camarilla than help. Cannot take Anarch Comrades with this Flaw.
Camarilla Contact Caught the attention of someone within the Camarilla, acts as a one dot Camarilla Mawla. Branded by the Camarilla An unhealable and painful brand given by the Camarilla to know what they are. Can take Camarilla Contact with this Flaw.
Catenating Blood Can create Blood Bonds and embrace other thin-bloods. Bestial Temper Frenzy test as normal vampire rules
Day Drinker Able to walk in the sun. Sunlight halves their Health Tracker (rounded up) and removes all vampiric abilities. Clan Curse Cursed by the bane of a clan. Bane Severity becomes 1. Can only take Banu Haqim, Gangrel or Brujah bane if they have Bestial Temper and the Tremere Bane if they have Catenating Blood
Discipline Affinity Natural ability for one Discipline. Gain one dot and can retain additional levels at the experience cost of out of clan. Consuming matching resonance does not reward them with extra temporary dots. Vitae Dependency Must slake one hunger of vampire vitae each week else they'll lose access to all their vampiric powers.
Lifelike Has a heartbeat, can eat food and enjoy sexual activities. Most medical checks reveal nothing, as long as it's during the night. Dead Flesh Medical inspections will report them as deceased and take a one die penalty to face to face Social tests with a mortal. Cannot take Lifelike with this Flaw.
Thin-blood Alchemist Gain one dot and one formula of Thin-blood Alchemy. Baby Teeth Never developed fangs
Vampiric Resilience Take damage like a regular vampire. Mortal Frailty Mend like a mortal, unable to rouse the blood. Cannot take Vampiric Resilience with this Flaw.


Only ghouls make take these merits and flaws. It is up to the Storyteller if the merits are lost from major events such as becoming a ghoul or being embraced. In general, if these are lost, the player should be able to purchase new Advantages for the now invalidated Merits.[10]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(••) Blood Empathy The ghoul can feel if their regnant is in danger or otherwise, needs them immediately, this does not allow for telepathic communication. (• - •••) Baneful Blood The character experiences the bane of their first domitor, this does not change if they get a new domitor. The domitor must be of Clan Lasombra, Malkavian, Ministry, Nosferatu, Ravnos, Salubri, or Toreador.
(••) Unseemly Aura Their aura has become indistinguishable from a Kindred. (•••) Crone's Curse The character appears at least a decade older than they actually are which reduces their health tracker by one.
(••) Distressing Fangs Having developed fangs like kindred, the character suffers one die on Social pools with mortals.

Ghouls and Mortals

These are accessible to non-ghouled mortals and ghouls.[10]

Flaws Description
(••) Living on the Edge When confronted with a risky temptation that the character hasn't done before, they suffer a two-dice penalty for all actions till they participate or the scene ends.
(•••) Weak-Willed Even when they are aware that someone is attempting to sway they may not use the active resistance systems to avoid the attempts.


Some Merits and Flaws below are listed under their associated cult, however, these can be adapted to fit as the Storyteller and players see fit within their chronicle.[11]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(•) Apocryphal Texts The character possesses writings from one of the church's leaders or prominent figures. On applicable rolls gain two dice Intelligence rolls, and in social combat increase the Willpower damage modifier by 1. (• - ••) Excommunicated They've done something to be cast out. At one dot, subtract two dice from all rolls dealing with the cult. At two dots, the cult actively seeks to destroy you in any way possible.
(••) Inspired Artist When using the cult's symbols or message in art, add a 1-die penalty to onlookers to resist Social rolls from cult members. (••) Faithless Being a member for the benefits instead of being a true believer. Lose two dice on rolls pertaining to the Cult from Resolve and Composure rolls. Cannot learn any Rituals, Ceremonies, and Loresheets higher than level 2.
(••) Traveling Preacher Having spread the cult's message where they go, reduce the difficulty on rolls to avoid the Second Inquisition by 1.
Merits Description Flaws Description
(••) Memories of the Fallen (Thin-bloods) On Blood Alchemy rolls related to Ashe, one rolled 10 counts as two 10s. Two rolled 10s still count as four. (••) Ashe Addiction In addiction to the Ashe rules in Cults of the Blood Gods, after a failed Blood Alchemy roll, take a two dice penalty for all actions till the session ends
(••) Streamer Once per story, the character can call upon their fanbase to perform something simple and nonviolent for them.
Merits Description
(• - •••••) Gardener Being selected members from the faith, this merit is equivalent to Herd for the Bahari religion.
(••) Dark Mother's Song Add three dice in Manipulation rolls when convincing others to worship Lilith.
Church of Caine
Merits Description Flaws Description
(•) Fire Resistant Convert Aggravated Health damage from fire to Superficial Health damage equal to their Blood Potency for one Rouse Check instead of three during daysleep. (•) Schism (Lasombra) Suffer a two-dice penalty on Social rolls with members of your cult.
Church of Set
Merits Description Flaws Description
(••) Vigilant The character knows when they are being watched unless it's through supernatural means, they stil must roll to know who and where from. (•) False Alarm Every failed Awareness roll counts as a total failure.
(••) Fixer Once per story, call in a favor or threaten a former client.
(•) Go to Ground Add two dice on rolls when evading pursuit.
Cult of Shalim
Merits Description Flaws Description
(••) Insidious Whispers When making a Social roll to undermine a Conviction, one rolled 10 counts as two 10s. Two rolled 10s still count as four. (•) Empty People attempt to remove themselves from the character's unnerving presence. Subtract two dice from Social rolls
(•) Gematria The ability to understand a coded cipher allowing both encrypting and decrypting messages.
Mithraic Mysteries
Merits Description Flaws Description
(•••) Bull-Slayer During Extended Tests, The character can reroll up to three regular dice without spending Willpower once per scene. (•) Failed Initiate The character faltered during the process of becoming a member, being assigned a guide who will interrupt plans, offer instruction or demanding the character proves themselves at any time.
(•) Bargainer Reduce the Difficulty to assess a transaction by 1.
Merits Description Flaws Description
(•••) Archangel's Grace Replace the Athletics Skill with the Performance Skill or vice versa when doing something akin to heavy cardio. (•) Yearning Missing their master, they must spend two Willpower to work against their master's wishes.

Backgrounds and Flaws


Groups of mortals willing to give aid to a vampire or mortals who have a vendetta. [9]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(• - ••••••) Allies A group of mortals who will support or aid the vampire. Family, friends or an organization that have loyalty to the vampire. Build them between (• - ••••) Effectiveness and (•-•••) Reliability, the maximum amount of total points is 6. Effectiveness defines how proficient they are at a task. Reliability determines how dependable they are. (• +) Enemy The opposite to Allies, and are rated two dots less than their effectiveness.


A way to obtain items otherwise much more difficult to obtain on one's own. [12]

Merits Description
(• - •••) Contacts These are mortals who can get the character information, items or other things of value.


The public notoriety of a character, for good or bad. [13]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(• - •••••) Fame Mortal fame is a dangerous game, the character might have once been a pop singer, actress, or other celebrity. The level of fame can subtract from tests against fans or hunting. There is a downside as people may remember the character as their face is plastered on a nearby billboard. Fame can be bought to apply in Vampire society as well. (• +) Dark Secret What they've done is still a secret, except to one or two very motivated enemies.
(• +) Infamy They've done something atrocious and others know.


The ability they have to influence how other groups react or act. [14]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(• - •••••) Influence They have sway in mortal communities, be they political, through financial status and prestige or manipulation. By default this merit only applies to a specific group or region of the city. (•) Disliked Subtract one die from Social tests involving groups outside of the character's loyal followers.
(••) Despised One group/region of the city goes out of their way to destroy the character's plans.


The place where a vampire resides during the day. Havens have additional addon merits that can change the function of the location, aid in certain actions or even hinder certain interactions. [15] Some Kindred turn their Havens into sacred grounds, as seen with the Holy Ground and Shrine Merits.[16]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(• - •••) Haven A vampire without Haven dots is able to find a safe place for the night. However, Haven dots make it that much more secure and private per dot. (•) No Haven The character must make a basic test to find a secure resting place.
(• +) Haven: Hidden Armory Each dot adds one pistol and one firearm inside the haven, safely concealed. (•) Creepy Take a two dice penalty on Social pools in the haven with mortals.
(• +) Haven: Cell Allows two prisoners to be stored inside. Each additional dot either allows the character to store twice as many prisoners or adds +1 to the attempts to escape. Not available in one dot havens. (•) Haunted There is a supernatural manifestation taking hold over the haven.
(• +) Haven: Watchmen Each dot supplies 4 Average Mortals and one Gifted Mortal to watch over the haven. (••) Compromised This haven is on a watchlist and may have have been raided at some point.
(• +) Haven: Laboratory Each dot of this merit contributes to dice rolls related to one Science or Technology specialty or for Alchemy pools when using Fixatio. Not available in one dot havens.
(• +) Haven: Library Each dot of this merit contributes to dice rolls for one Academics, Investigation or Occult specialty. Small havens are limited to one dot.
(•) Haven: Location The place in which this haven resides gives a +2 dice bonus (or +2 enemies Difficulty) on relevant rolls from either Chasse or base Haven rating. If this does not work, with the Storyteller the player can craft a custom bonus. Example, living in the heart of downtown allows the character to have a +2 bonus to etiquette rolls to pick up local rumors.
(•) Haven: Luxury Rich and full of value, the haven is well decorated with high-end décor and items. +2 dice bonus to Social tests when mortals are inside the haven. Without at least 3 dots in Resources, these items are stolen or illegally obtained.
(• +) Haven: Postern The haven has some kind of secret exit that allows them a safe passage out. For each dot of this merit add one die to pools of evasion or escaping surveillance near the haven.
(• +) Haven: Security System For each dot of this merit, add one die to pools to resist unwelcome guests into the haven.
(•) Haven: Surgery Add two die to relevant pools for relevant tests performed in havens.
(• +) Haven: Warding This haven possesses some type of magic warding that repels supernatural entities. Each dot of this merit adds one die to pools to resist supernatural scrying and whatever else the Storyteller allows.
(•) Haven: Holy Ground The haven has significance to the character's cult, granting them the ability to call upon a large group of cultists to protect their haven once per story.[17]
(• - •••) Haven: Shrine A shrine is present in the haven, adding a bonus equivalent to the dots in searching, preparing or other-wise obtaining Ritual or Ceremony ingredients.[17]


Merits and flaws pertaining to the vampires ability to have free access to mortal blood through forming a group of willing vessels. [18]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(• - •••••) Herd A group of vessels which the character may feed from without concern, though they are less loyal than retainers. They can slake Hunger worth the dot value of the Herd each week freely and no roll is required. (••) Obvious Predator A predatory vibe removes two dice from any hunting pool except Physical stalking, chasing and killing. Lose on die from any Social test intended to calm humans. Cannot maintain a Herd.


The status of the kindred's identification. [19]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(• - ••) Mask A fake identity that allows the vampire to keep their true selves away from mortal's prying eyes, including getting bank accounts, a birth certificate and everything else a vampire might need to masquerade as a human. (•) Known Corpse People know the vampire died recently and react in turn if they see them.
(•) Zeroed All of the character's past self has been purged from all systems as if they never existed. The character must have a 2-dot mask in order to take this. (••) Known Blankbody The character's name, history, associates and more are all in several agency databases. Inquisition can recognize them as a vampire.
(•) Cobbler The ability to create or source out masks. Making a mask takes 3 days per dot. The character must have a 2-dot mask in order to take this.


Their relationship with another kindred. [20]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(• - •••••) Mawla Another kindred who has taken them under their wing to mentor them. (•+) Adversary Another kindred who perhaps liked the character, but now goes out of their way to ruin their lives in anyway they can. Rated two levels higher than the Mawla value.


The cashflow of the kindred. [21]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(• - •••••) Resources Cash flow, be it from stock trading or inheritence to working as a barista at night. (•) Destitute No money, no home and no monetary value beyond themselves.


The relationship with mortals who follow the character. [22]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(• - •••) Retainers Loyal followers who will do the character's bidding, sometimes Ghouls and/or Blood Bonded. (•) Stalkers Something about the character tends to attract others who get a little bit too attached and just won't let go. Be it a former retainer or a past lover, should they get rid of them, another soon appears.


The kindred's name in the faction and how it effects them. [22]

Merits Description Flaws Description
(• - •••••) Status The character has built a name for themselves in their Faction. (•) Suspect Breaking the rules or weaseling out of something owed has netted this character the ire of this Sect. Stay out of sight and mind and nothing will happen until they prove their worth again but until then take a 2 dice penalty to Social tests with the offended Factions.
(••) Shunned Despised by a Sect, a line was crossed that never should have been, and now members of this group actively work against them at any opportunity.

Scarcity of Backgrounds

A mechanic introduced in Chicago By Night: Let the Streets Run Red for Kindred living in smaller towns where a storyteller may decide the number of certain backgrounds are limited in the smaller populated setting between their vampiric inhabitants. [23]

Contacts - A certain amount may be rewarded freely, but largely the rest are opposed with other Kindred of the domain.

Influence - Similar Contacts scarcity, but also attempts to grow Influence come with the need for defense rolls. Online or location-agnostic Influence may not be affected depending on the storyteller.

Herd and Feeding - Storyteller may have Herd operate in a limited in size, migrating Herd face a degree of fluctuations, and failed hunts may have repercussions for the setting.

Haven - Kindred struggle in sharing the prime real estate in this setting.

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