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Mortals are human beings which the world is designed for and are generally unaware of the supernatural world surrounding them. They are the pawns of Kindred, the source of sustenance for others, and in some cases antagonists. Ghouls are mortal as well however they've been given the opportunity to drink a vampire's vitae and in turn gain some supernatural traits.


Mortals are the people that inhabit the world that vampires lurk in, the people that society is built for as technology continues to advance and brings them closer together. They have an endless amount of resources thanks to this, making living as vampires that much harder. Their airports scan luggage with the ability to notice that there might be a corpse in that shipping container and not what the manifest listed, they are connected through social media and other platforms to share information and perhaps rally against the creatures in the night. Mortals serve as a key element in World of Darkness and using them as a focus in stories, about their lives and who they are, can amplify the aspect of personal horror for players. Many Kindred, either through a spiralling Humanity, a naivety, or something else see them as nothing more than food to be preyed upon and when they do create relationships with mortals, they are the ones who set the terms.[1]

From the moment a mortal drinks the vitae of a vampire they become a ghoul, starting a process that simultaneously makes them more and less than they originally were. Ghouls are often taken as retainers in cases where their loyalty is required regardless of the Masquerade, especially as Kindred can Blood Bond as many ghouls as they can effectively manage. Unlike the vitae used in the Embrace or Blood Bonds, the Blood retains its ability to ghoul a mortal when stored for a few days in an airtight container away from sunlight.

One Rouse Check worth of vitae grants the mortal, or animal, the following benefits for roughly one month.

  • The mortal gains the first dot of a Discipline known by the vampire, called a domitor, and the one level 1 power the domitor possesses.
  • If a ghoul uses a power above level 1, they will take 1 point of Aggravated Health damage rather than making the Rouse Check.
  • Their aging process stops, sometimes even bringing the clock back a few years.
  • Wounds heal twice as fast, unless caused by fire.

But be warned that when weaning a mortal off this Blood, besides the side effects of the possible withdrawal from it's euphoric rush, that the years lost from the aging process being stopped will catch up to the mortal and rapidly deteriorate them. [2]

Creating a mortal player character

When creating a mortal character to be a player character there are a few options, most notably creating a character that represents a vampire's Touchstone, other merits such as the ghouled retainer are also an option, or even simply a mortal in the process of being groomed for the Embrace.

The process to creating a mortal character is very similar to the creation of a vampire, with a few differences that are noted below.

  • Mortals do not have a clan or sire, though they can be gained in play.
  • Mortals do not have Predator types, and only ghouls have Disciplines as described above.
  • With Advantages and Flaws, mortals are limited in those that they can take however they do have specific Flaws they may access. Ghouls also have specific Merits and Flaws they may access. Mortals are unable to take Archaic, Feeding, Herd, Mythic, Status, thin-blood, Domain, or other vampiric or supernaturally leaning traits. They can take Haven even if they wouldn't call it by that name.
  • Kindred-exclusive Loresheets may not grant them any mechanical benefit, but players are encouraged to work with their Storyteller to ensure that a character with vampiric-specfic Loresheet knowledge would fit within the chronicle.
  • Mortals still select one to three Convictions and Touchstones as a vampire would, though their connection to the Touchstone would be more immediate and personal as they still live within mortal society. Mortals begin their Humanity rating at 7.[1]
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