New York by Night

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New York by Night
New York by Night logo.png
  • Anarch coterie:
  • Alexander Ward (Tzimisce icon.png Isaac Brooke)
  • Mayanna Beren (Ravnos icon.png Serif)
  • Aabria Iyengar (Ventrue icon.png Margot "Fuego" Walker)
  • Joey Rassool (Gangrel icon.png Reyes Malcolm)
  • Camarilla coterie:
  • Noura Abrahim (Ventrue icon.png Khalida)
  • Michelle Nguyen (Toreador icon.png Kiếm)
  • Xander Jeanneret (Nosferatu icon.png Brawn)
  • Cynthia Marie (Lasombra icon.png Coco)

  • Storyteller:Jason Carl

    No. of seasons:2, 3 confirmed

    No. of episodes:16+


    External links:Season 1-2


    New York By Night follows two coteries of young vampires as they struggle to find their place amid the dark schemes of New York City’s undead underworld. Season one represents the Anarch story, focusing on a group of four Kindred who are fed up with living under the Camarilla’s strict rules. Both the Anarch and Camarilla coteries begin their story separately but are on a collision course through a parallel narrative in season three.

    Main cast and characters

    The Storyteller creates the Chronicle, the characters, and the challenges the players experience. The Storyteller also describes the scenes, guides the story, and arbitrates the rules.

    Anarch coterie

    A Tzimisce gangster seeking to understand himself, Isaac is building a criminal network to advance his clandestine plans.

    Dealing with a difficult and dangerous past, Serif is a Ravnos tagger looking for artistic freedom.

    Margot is a Ventrue intent on protecting her neighborhood from enemies both living and undead.

    Attempting to return to the life he lost, Reyes is a Gangrel who finds himself in conflict with everybody.

    Camarilla coterie

    • Michelle Nguyen Bradley as Kiếm
    • Xander Jeanneret as Brawn
    • Cynthia Marie as Coco


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    Season 1

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    Season 2

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    Season 3

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