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The Nephilim are devoted followers of the Dream of Constantinople, they are also called the Children of the Angel. Named for the Childer of the Toreador methuselah, Michael, the Dream was an ideal of the perfect Kindred society lead by Michael and his Coterie; Michael was called the Archangel. The Nephilim is now a cult that wishes to embody the Dream and have a society where there is beauty in all things. Many discount them as hedonists and degenerates, or even a Toreador conspiracy. While some shun the cult, others turn to it for promises of perfection, orgies, and lavish lifestyles.

Nephilim is one of the most popular Kindred religions for its offers of pleasure and beauty. Connects can be made, and pursuits in self betterment encouraged. The parties and the glamour also attract many, but once enticed initiated are pulled further in. The Nephilim doesn’t only offer fleeting pleasure but actual changes. Skin becomes clearer, hair lustrous, and beauty enhanced. They develop a new confidence and dedication to the temple. This all comes at the secret price of a blood bond to a true Nephilim, a kindred of Michael’s blood embraced within 3 generations from the methuselah. Because of Michael’s blessing, the bonds of the True Nephilim take longer to fade but bestow wonderous gifts even to Nosferatu. The source of their power and the gifts of the True Nephilim blood is a secret to outsiders of course.[1]


They refer to their hierarchy as The Basilica of the Archangel. This mirrors the basilicas, grand churches. This dictates the hierarchy of the clan by blood and beauty.

Apex - True Nephilim, direct descendants of the Archangel of generation 5 to 7. Frescoes/artwork - The true Nephilim’s childers who don’t possess the special blood quirk of Michael. Pillars - The adherent Kindred Toreadors outside the bloodline of Michael, and all clans except the Nosferatu. Columns - The ghoul and humans of the cults. Foundation - Represented as the steps leading to the basilica, the Nosferatu cultists. While the Nosferatu can’t attain beauty, they work as foot soldiers and spies treated as second class.

At the bottom are uncommitted mortals lower than even the Nosferatu. Those who refuse the cult are seen as stains on the world. [2]

Laws of the Angel

Traditionally known as Lex Sanctorum Decis Angelorum, they are called Lex Angelorum or Laws of the Angel for short. These laws are held higher than the Traditions to some Nephilim, all are memorized by each member. While the enthusiasm to hold this code above all they pragmatic and higher members do well to keep such talk only in their temples and out of Elysium.

• Thou shalt obey the Children of the Angel in all things

• Thou shalt not sow discord among thyselves

• Thou shalt tolerate not the ugly nor the wicked in the sight of the Nephilim

• Thou shalt seek to bring all into the light of the Angel

• Thou shalt not compromise the perfection of a Tabernacle or Temple

• Thy Angel is thy savior, revere above all the one who brought you into the light

• Thou shalt not expose the nature of Angels to the mortal world, lest thee be purged by the fires of day


• Always obey Michael’s direct descendants

• Do not consort with the hideous

• Never tolerate the desecration of a thing of beauty

• Always cultivate your own beauty

• Reinvent yourself for every audience

• Delve into every sensation to expand your awareness[3]

Exclusive Loresheets

Child of the Angel Michael[4]

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