Parliament of Knives Achivements

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Surprise Attack! icon
Surprise Attack!
Locate Ward during the Blood Hunt without being seen.
Rip and Tear icon
Rip and Tear
Dispatch an entire squad of snipers all by yourself.
Dropping Eaves icon
Dropping Eaves
Listen in on a revealing conversation among the Anarchs.
Tattle icon
If you see something, say something!
Luddite icon
Pledge your aid to the cause of keeping things simple and safe.
Awkward Conversation icon
Awkward Conversation
Overhear a damning conversation.
Ventrue Capitalist icon
Ventrue Capitalist
Take the first steps in forming a profitable alliance.
A Modest Proposal icon
A Modest Proposal
Robert Ward asks for your help.
Right man for the Job icon
Right man for the Job
Make the best use of Gerard's particular set of skills.
Qui to the City icon
Qui to the City
Make a proper early impression on Sheriff Qui.
Safe Word icon
Safe Word
Resist a Malkavian Domination of your mind.
Extra! Extra! Read all about it! icon
Extra! Extra! Read all about it!
Confront a sleazy reporter.
I'm not a Monster! icon
I'm not a Monster!
Refuse to feed on the gift of an unwilling mortal.
Tremblay icon
Begin a relationship with Jordan.
All Cameras Down icon
All Cameras Down
Take down a security system.
Ghoul Down icon
Ghoul Down
Take down a ghoul servant faster than the Sheriff.
Snooping icon
Get a sneak-peak at the Anarch agenda.
Aggravated Assault icon
Aggravated Assault
Ichiro's Incendiary Demise
Sneakernet icon
Plant a USB drive in a rival's computer system.
An Unusual First Date icon
An Unusual First Date
Begin a relationship with Sheriff Qui.
To Oblivion icon
To Oblivion
Survive a battle with a Lasombra.
Like An Egg icon
Like An Egg
Bouchard has a crackin' good time.
Road Rage icon
Road Rage
No time for subtlety. Hit the gas!
Spied the Spy icon
Spied the Spy
True Sight reveals an unseen watcher.
Whispering Warlocks icon
Whispering Warlocks
Overhear an illuminating conversation.
Shot in the Dark icon
Shot in the Dark
Stop a mass-brainwashing with a single well-placed shot.
Closure icon
Healing from loss can't begin until the truth is known.
The Truth? icon
The Truth?
Relive the moments of your first hours after the Embrace.
Going Down icon
Going Down
Escape Elysium with its Keeper.
True Justice icon
True Justice
Join forces with an outsider in a desperate assassination plot.
One Night In Ottawa icon
One Night In Ottawa
Discover and view an illicit videotape of the Camarilla's finest.
Archon's Pet icon
Archon's Pet
Impress Archon Adeline with your knowledge.
Dead Man's Switch icon
Dead Man's Switch
Even the best of us are tools to our elders.
Soak This! icon
Soak This!
Find out what a heavy machine gun can do to a vampire.
One Tranquil Night icon
One Tranquil Night
Share a special bond with Jordan.
Sanguine Devotion icon
Sanguine Devotion
Discover a secret mortal cult that worships vampires.
Our Savior! icon
Our Savior!
Save a group of blood dolls from extermination.
Out for a Drink icon
Out for a Drink
Ditch an investigation to go out for a drink with Sheriff Qui.
Qui to his Heart icon
Qui to his Heart
Spend the night with a new partner.
Double Cross icon
Double Cross
Betray a Kindred who put their trust in you and then help your sire destroy them.
Choose A Side icon
Choose A Side
Choose a side in a battle between Tremere houses.
An Anarch Tale icon
An Anarch Tale
Help defend the Anarchs' home turf from an unstoppable Archon.
Kashif's Fury icon
Kashif's Fury
Ally with Kashif Salik and execute his enemy alongside him.
Into Exile icon
Into Exile
Flee the city and become an outcast.
Bettered Bouchard icon
Bettered Bouchard
Defeat Bouchard when fighting one-on-one and survive to tell the tale.
Annabelle's Pet icon
Annabelle's Pet
Meet the Prince of Quebec City, Annabelle and become her thrall.
Dead Bodies Everywhere icon
Dead Bodies Everywhere
Discover a hidden abattoir.
Barony-Bound icon
Leave Ottawa and join Baron Zaslow's Anarch Rebellion.
With Friends Like These icon
With Friends Like These
Who needs enemies? Meet your early end at the hands of an ally.
A Monster Made icon
A Monster Made
Commit the the most grievous of Kindred crimes.
Sevinc Interrupted icon
Sevinc Interrupted
Snap an assassin out of a trance.
No Quarter icon
No Quarter
Destroy a would-be Prince on the night of their would-be ascension.
Anarch Executioner icon
Anarch Executioner
Execute Robert Ward.
Identity Crisis icon
Identity Crisis
Reveal a submerged personality.
Besieged icon
Watch from above as a mob besieges your domain.
Corliss Wins icon
Corliss Wins
Corliss becomes (and stays) Prince of Ottawa.
Never Sicker icon
Never Sicker
Keep down a beer without vomiting.
And Don't Come Back! icon
And Don't Come Back!
Get banned from a club.
Ghoul Driver icon
Ghoul Driver
Recruit a new ghoul to be your driver!
Secreted Away icon
Secreted Away
Save a blood doll.
It's Raining Princes icon
It's Raining Princes
Ghoul Book-keeper icon
Ghoul Book-keeper
Recruit a new ghoul to be your bookkeeper.
Arundel's Revenge icon
Arundel's Revenge
Not even an Archon can stand up to rage unleashed.
Become Seneschal icon
Become Seneschal
Take Corliss's place as Seneschal.
The Sword of Caine icon
The Sword of Caine
Leave Ottawa and the Camarilla to join an unholy crusade against ancient evils.
Father Moretti icon
Father Moretti
Face a deadly vampire priest in melee combat and survive!
Shadow Conspiracy icon
Shadow Conspiracy
Take a meeting with Michalis Basaras and learn his goals.
Sunrise, Sunset icon
Sunrise, Sunset
The Clan of the Moon watches the sun rise.
Abyss Mystic icon
Abyss Mystic
Be tutored in the art of Oblivion by a twisted mentor.
I Spy A Rabbi icon
I Spy A Rabbi
Spy on the visiting Rabbi, Michalis Basaras.
Vaulderie icon
Witness a Sabbat ritual.
Face The Light icon
Face The Light
Fight back against the light of truth alongside a trusted companion.
Sacrifice icon
Sacrifice your dearest friend to regain long-lost power.
The Night Clan icon
The Night Clan
Join the Court openly as a Lasombra and help oversee integration of the Magisters.

Hidden Achievements

Aggravation icon
Survive the infliction of aggravated damage at least three times. (Secret)
Prince-Killer icon
The Prince of Ottawa has been destroyed. (Secret)
Archon Annihilator icon
Archon Annihilator
Destroyed Archon Adeline with her own blade. (Secret)