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Rogues, Ravens, Daredevils, The Haunted


Compulsion:[[#Compulsion|Tempting Fate]]

Introduced in:Vampire: The Masquerade Companion World of Darkness account


Ravnos are one of the fourteen vampire clans of Vampire: The Masquerade. Masters of misdirection, the Ravnos prefer not to fight or bleed for something they can obtain through subtler means. They can charm and vanish within the same mortal breath, and those once fooled quickly learn to question their very senses when in the company of Ravens. Always on the move, the Ravnos can never rest in the same place for long lest their curse light them on fire as they slumber.[1]

They were almost annihilated during the beginning act of the Gehenna War during the Week of Nightmares but with time is now growing stronger once more.[2] They may be known as wandering Kindred, those utilized to bring messages or as those who wish to do nothing else but mess with the minds of others. Generally they move across the lands, rarely settling down in attempt to remain one step ahead of the judgement that runs through their veins. Their methods are not usually those of brute force, gaining adoring fans or overdrawn plans that take centuries to complete. Instead most Ravnos rely on their wits, clever charm and illusions. They prefer not to bleed when able, using more subtle methods to obtain whatever it is they desire. For this reason it is rare they make their true nature known and once they have, they disappear into the night as quickly as they appeared.

In order to combat this curse, those that do remain within certain regions do well to set up multiple havens and don multiple masks. No clan is as skilled as the Haunted when it comes to blending into society, be it mortal or Kindred. Due to the mistrust they may face, some display themselves as Caitiff in order to find a place within Kindred society, but those who do not and show their true colors often take an Autarkis standpoint and sell their services to others. Maintaining this, however, is difficult and most eventually pack up and leave either due to a collection of enemies or the doomed blood burning them as they rest. [3]


Below are the powers innate to the Ravnos as well as the uses they find in it. [4]

  • Animalism is the reason most Ravnos maintain a good relationship with animals, employing them as spies, distractions or just as company while on the road.
  • Obfuscate allows the Daredevil to disappear from sight when things aren't working out, but it also allows them to create and manipulate their hallucinations. Combined with Presence, this allows the Ravnos to utilize this power at it's limit.
  • Presence is saved for when natural charm just doesn't cut it. They may frequent use of this power in order to find victims in a pinch.


Doomed - Anytime they daysleep within the same place more than once in seven nights, roll a number of dice equal to their Bane Severity. If they receive any 10's they then take 1 Aggravated damage for each as they are scorched from within. What constitutes as the same place is defined by the chronicle, but generally will need a mile distance between the two resting places before the bane is triggered. Mobile havens do work as long as the haven is moved a mile away. Due to this, the Ravnos may not take the No Haven Flaw.[5]


Tempting Fate - When faced with their next problem, the Daredevil must attempt the solution with the most dangerous or daring of actions, anything less incurs a two-dice penalty. Context appropriate flashy or risky attempts may even net bonus dice. They are free to convince others to follow them in their actions but may as well go it alone. This Compulsion persists until the problem is solved or further attempts become impossible to accomplish.[5]

Example archetypes

  • Devilish Rogue - With a personality so admirable no one would think of them to be a thief, yet when things strike them just right it's easier to steal incriminating evidence than sway someone to hand it over.
  • Traveling Blogger - Maybe blogs haven't been as big as they once were, but they still make a profit and avoid the firery burn from their lineage by documenting the travels they undertake. It's a safe way to spend eternity as long as they maintain their charade that is.
  • Hitman - A rare breed within the Ravnos given the requirements of being a professional hitman. Still, they perform their mission as needed and upon payment they disappear until summoned again.
  • Artifact Collector - With traveling comes experience and exposure to different bits of information. Through this the Raven has managed to learn where someone just might find that missing rare artifact and for the right price, they might even sell it to you.

Notable characters

Zapathasura - The Ravnos Antediluvian who had awaken during an opening Gehenna War event called the Week of Nightmares. During his waking he was able to drain Vitae from his clan from afar driving many of them into a frenzy of cannibalism and destruction, effectively decimating his own clan. He met his end in Bangladesh to various parties under the noonday say. The death of him via sunlight has forever altered the clan with fire in their veins.[6][5]

Shejana - A survivor from WWII stripped of her mortal family, eventually her sire liberated and Embraced her. She used her power of illusions to punish mortal hate groups and tyrannical Princes, as well as fulfill her escapist fantasies from the realities of a war-torn Europe. She moved to the United States to start anew. Her indulges into these fantasies saved her from meeting her end like many did during Zapathasura's wake. When she finished an episode of indulgence she realized many of her clan had disappeared. With another lost family she took to calling her Caitiff, operating as a Mercenary in the Chicago area.[7][8]

Serif - A young Anarch Ravnos. A street artist who chases both personal and artistic freedom while struggling under the looming shadow of her sire. She has a difficult and dangerous past. She is featured in New York by Night.



The Ravnos are known for their misdirection and knack for illusions have usually found an affinity in childer who gamble their lives or the lives around them. Those who always try to succeed no matter the odds; con artists, performers, venture capitalists, travelers, etc. There are some Ravnos who claim a divine origin of a trickster god and embrace those who would put their faith in such deities. Anyone willing to take some sort of risk and put themselves out there attracts the Ravens. Many of the Embraces are from those who have cut ties to their loved ones or are more willing to do anything to push personal agendas. This is a reason why many consider the Ravnos have an easier time transitioning from Kine to Kindred, living on the edge and always moving was already a part of their life.[9]

Mortal society

The Raven’s vary in their relationship to kine. Some go for joining modest groups with a hierarchy that allows for if they are discovered they will not be captured or their victims able to do anything. A carnival where they have a steady flow of vessels and are able to have an in with the operators or travelers on a ship where they freely take as the mingle with the passengers. How they see their herds varies on the Ravnos; some see genuine care for their charges, not only paying, but protecting their charges during trips. Other Ravens may see their herd to be used and disposed of when their usefulness is done. Many tales of ghost ships where it reached port with only the dead abroad. A third take may even be to profit off their mobile existence as travel agents, cruise line organizers, and people movers.[10]

Kindred society

Very rare is it for a Ravnos vampire to advertise their clan, some prefer to pose as Caitiff. When their true identity is revealed or even worse their agenda, many already have a few escape plans at the ready. There are some who will advertise what they are proudly, often taking an independent position in politics, allowing them to operate as spies, mercenaries, couriers, and negotiators to whichever sect pays the most. They also, like their more subtle counterparts, often find themselves leaving domains either due to enemies or victims. Their cause for flight isn’t just a quirk of personality or circumstance, but their blood urges them to move or feel the echoed fiery demise of their antediluvian. Some who want to plant roots have found a way to circumvent this, many havens and masks to alternate through to keep their doom at bay.

Though the Ravnos’ curse has made them both independent and mobile, there is an attempt to rebuild clan structure. This effort at the Ravnos revival has been difficult, but hasn’t hampered the attempts. The clan has a secret language of marks, signs and signals to help identify each other, set up clandestine meetings with other Ravens, and trade information and rumors about domains. Young Ravnos have taken to storytelling with each other telling stories of how they are offspring of trickster gods, Anansi, Loki, Coyote, Hermes, etc, they use these trickster gods to set up a mythological divine origin of their clan even if their progenitor has passed some even going as far to set up coteries around such figures.[11]

While the Gangrel’s urge to travel gets a pass, the Ravnos aren't given such service. The Ravens can be found all over the world, but many Kindred see them as too much of an unstable force in their domains. The clans look down on the Ravnos for their mercurial personalities and unlife. This has made Ravnos wary of trucking it along all the time, and the need for some roots. Coteries have been a sweet spot to serve as an anchor but not weigh them down too much. They benefit the coterie with the best places to hide, secret collecting, and knowing threats before they have come to pass.[12]

Factional differences

There are no difference observed between Camarilla and Anarch. Most opt for Autarkis operate for the highest bidder.[13]


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