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This template will display a bar with links to international versions of the same page. It will automatically add language categories to translated pages.

Note: When adding new content, please add it to the English version first and only then translate it to another language.


The language bar is placed under the English article's Lang(-uage) subpage -- for example, for the page Beginner's guide it will be added at Beginner's guide/Lang.

To set the language bar use the following syntax:


After the language bar has been set, it can be invoked on the relevant English and translated pages by placing the following code at the top of the page


Note: As other languages are translations of the English article, the parameter en should always be set.


The language bar for the (imaginary) article "Hello" with its French and German translation will be setup under Hello/Lang as:


It will then be invoked on all 3 pages by adding the below code at the top of the page:


The end result will be the below language bar at the top of the 3 pages:

Language options

The following language options are available:

Language Flag ISO
English Lang en.png en
French Lang fr.png fr
German Lang de.png de
Russian Lang ru.png ru
Italian Lang it.png it
Spanish Lang es.png es
Swedish Lang se.png se
Polish Lang pl.png pl
Portuguese Lang pt.png pt
Brazilian Portuguese Lang br.png br
Nederlands Lang nl.png nl
Ukrainian Lang ua.png ua
Japanese Lang jp.png jp
Note: To add additional language options to the template please contact the admins (see "Wiki support" on the left sidebar).