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The Broken Clan, Usurpers, Warlocks, Hermetics, Thaumaturges, Transgressors, Blood Mages

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Tremere are one of the fourteen vampire clans of Vampire: The Masquerade. The arcane Clan Tremere were once a house of mortal mages who sought immortality but found only undeath. As vampires, they’ve perfected ways to bend their own Blood to their will, employing their sorceries to master and ensorcel both the mortal and vampire world. Their power makes them valuable, but few vampires trust their scheming ways.[1]


Below are the powers innate to the Tremere as well as the uses they find in it.[2]

  • Auspex allows the Tremere to perceive the truth from their surroundings, hunting down hidden objects and communicate long distances with others without fear of being heard. When in a pinch they use this power to find a pliable victim to feed from.
  • Dominate gives the Warlocks the ability to do anything for knowledge and get away with it. Theft, betrayal, and anything else with lesser ethics are easily covered by manipulating the minds of others. They show little remorse when using this power to feed as well when needed.
  • Blood Sorcery grants them the ability to release devastating attacks against their foes, protecting themselves in turn and ease feeding. Some Thaumaturgy uses this power to sap the blood from a mortal's body without physical touch. This expertise in unlocking the secrets of blood makes them a valued if not mistrusted member of the Camarilla.


Deficient Blood - Before the fall of Vienna, they were defined by their rigid hierarchy of Blood Bonds within the Pyramid. After the fall, their Blood weakened and rejected all prior connections. Tremere are unable to Blood Bond other Kindred, though they can still be Bound by other clans. Tremere can still Blood Bond mortals to do their bidding, but the vitae must drink an additional amount of times equal to their Bane Severity.[2]


Perfectionism - Nothing but the best will satisfy them, anything less than exceptional still instills a profound sense of failure. When afflicted by this, the Warlock suffers a two-dice penalty to all dice pools. The penalty is reduced to one die when actions are being repeated and removed entirely on a second repeat. This does not end till they managed to score a critical win on a Skill roll or the scene ends.[3]

Example archetypes

  • Determined Scholar - Their desire for power is never quenched as they undertake any task regardless of its peril to seek out scraps of information.
  • Witchcraft Expert - Embraced for their skill in mortal occult, this knowledge has only grown as the Kindred attempts to push their Blood Sorcery beyond its normal limits.
  • Eternal Detective - While knowledge is their goal, they find helping others unravel their mysteries to be their true purpose. Perhaps a detective once in life, they now run their own business to continue to work for other Kindred.
  • Niche Podcaster - When other Kindred may prefer to hide in the shadows, this Kindred works to build a cult of personality online. Dabbling in their dark arts using the mortals who have shown true devotion to them.

Notable characters

Carna - She was once the Prince of Marseilles and the Primogen of Milwaukee and now has her own splinter cell of Tremere called the House of Carna. Her group advocates for the freedom from the Blood Bond against the Pyramid's tyranny and the misogyny of the clan itself. When the Pyramid planned to eradicate Carna, it was raided by the Second Inquisition at the Great Chantry. [4]

Karl Schrekt - Former Justicar who was a legend within his own clan and the Camarilla. Before his embrace in 1235, he hunted vampires and for centuries after that he acted as the tower's weapon against the Sabbat and Anarchs or other menaces. He hid or destroyed information regarding the Antediluvians. For as many Disciplines as he gained and as few enemies that survived, he's now one of the eldest Tremere remaining. [5]

Aisling Sturbridge - The New York-based High Regent of the Chantry of the Five Boroughs. She oversee research, operations, tutelage, and safety of the chantries. She appears in Coteries of New York, Shadows of New York, and New York by Night.[6]

Meerlinda - One of the founders of the clan, she has been missing since the attack on the Vienna Chantry by the Second Inquisition. However, the Praesidium believes that she is still alive, and either in torpor or captured somewhere in Krakow, Rome or Moscow. [7]



Tremere was once the name of an eight-century Romani hermetic mage, obsessed with knowledge and power. This obsession allowed him to prolong his lifespan beyond the mortal timeframe, but eventually, his power weakened, and in turn, he became unwilling to accept his mortality. From his greed, he instigated terrifying magical experiments which damned him and his followers. Thousands of mortals and hundreds of Kindreds were murdered in the experimentation and ritualistic practices to find the elixir of life. These actions eventually unveiled the curse of Caine, entering him and his followers into an eternity of unlife and hunger, unable to use practice their craft.

In 2008 the Prime Chantry in Vienna was destroyed by the Second Inquisition, knocking them from their powerful status to unwelcome Kindred. The Usurpers had few friends from the arrogance of their Pyramid, still, the need for their Blood Sorcery hasn't disappeared. Without the Pyramid, the Tremere lack the structure and organization they once had, now competing with other Kindred and their clan to claim a foothold and regain some of their former glory. Their desire to collect the remains from the Chantry rival the ugliness seen within the Camarilla and is often used as a weapon between the remaining Tremere houses.

The remaining Warlocks serve in three ways; either to other clans with their occult knowledge, the Camarilla with Blood Sorcery, or, themselves to grasp at power. Even if they've shifted more towards the practice of their art rather than the theory of it, they still claim fewer thrones than the Nosferatu. The reality is that most do not see a need to become Prince unless it serves to further their knowledge as to most, power is the knowledge of how to shape the world to their will and access to the rarest of ancient artifacts. Misguided by their greed for knowledge, most keep their secrets hidden from their coteries and even their clanmates. However, Kindred seeking knowledge of their history will do well to approach the Tremere for answers. As long as they are at peace with knowing that they'll need to share some of their secrets, knowingly or not. [8]


House Tremere

The main house of Clan Tremere is led by Karl Schrekt. They remain aligned to the Camarilla sect and loyal to the Pyramid with their traditions. [9]

House Carna

A one splinter cell created by Carna herself looking to separate herself and her followers from the Blood Bonds of the Pyramid. After the fall of the Pyramid, this group attracts many Anarchs and disenfranchised Camarilla members. She, herself, seeks no followers but recognized the value of them. In the modern age, she pushes for the modernization and feminization of Clan Tremere. [10]

House Ipsissimus

A branch off within the Tremere, existing within the Anarch sect after the fall of the Pyramid. Now free from their bonds of enslavement, they strive to find perfect balance in all things in order to reach enlightenment. [11]

House Goatrix

A cultish Tremere house lead by Goatrix and previously apart of the Sabbat, joining the Camarilla in modern nights.[12]

Exclusive Loresheets

Tremere characters have special access to the following loresheets:

Descendant of Karl Schrekt

Revenant Family: Ducheski

Occult Artifacts




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