Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt

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Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodhunt
Bloodhunt cover.png

Developer(s): Sharkmob

Publisher(s): Sharkmob

Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, Playstation 5

Release:April 27th 2022

Genre:Third Person, Battle Royale

Where to buy:World of Darkness Steam Page

Bloodhunt is a thrilling free-to-play battle royale game set in Prague consumed by a ruthless war between vampire factions. Use your supernatural powers to hunt and outsmart your rivals and Inquisition soldiers in this third-person action shooter. Gear up, feed on potent blood to grow in power, defy gravity to strike from anywhere, and dominate the night!



As a member of the Camarilla, the player must enter the city and hunt down the Anarchs who have broken the Masquerade and destroy them. Finding weapons and other items spread across the map will be essential for surviving the night and claiming victory over the Anarch forces menacing the city. Along side items to help in the fight, players have access to a variety of supernatural powers to aid in traversing the city and attacking opponents from unique vantage points. Climb and jump off walls, vault over objects, and use vampiric Disciplines to outgun the enemy while avoiding detection by Entity hunters and other mortals in the city.

Mortals, Feeding, & Blood Resonance

Mortals are scattered throughout the city, and feeding on them will heal a player to full. In addition, the blood in mortals can sometimes contain resonant blood. A mortal with resonant blood can be spotted by using Heightened Senses before feeding. There are 4 different blood resonances which can be combined in any combination among the players available resonance slots, each with a different effect.

  • Choleric -- Increases melee damage done.
  • Melancholic -- Reduces cooldown of Clan power.
  • Phlegmatic -- Reduces cooldown of Archetype power.
  • Sanguine -- Increases health regeneration.

The player starts with 3 slots and can obtain up to 12 by performing diablerie on players or feeding on Entity hunters.

The Masquerade

Though the goal is to hunt Anarchs in the city, the Masquerade must still be maintained. If a mortal sees the use of supernatural powers, they will panic causing them to alert others to the offending player's location. If the player kills a mortal or is caught feeding, a Blood Hunt will be called on them, marking the offending player on the map and making them visible even through walls to all other players on the map for an extended duration.

The Entity

The Entity is hellbent on exterminating all Kindred and will not think twice before opening fire against players if they get too close. They know how to tell the difference between mortals and vampires, so sneaking past them is rarely an option. They are most often found in groups of 3 or more and can quickly turn the tide against any vampire that they catch unaware. Those who can make their way past them or defeat them may find items of significant power being guarded by them however.

Red Gas

The Red Gas is a mysterious weapon being deployed by the Entity in an attempt to purge the city of Kindred. They use it to surround parts of Prague and then let it expand in steps. The longer the match lasts, the more of the map the gas will cover. Getting caught in the Red Gas will result in final death if you do not get out of it in time as it reacts to a Kindred's skin on contact as if it were sunlight. Though it is deadly to Kindred, to mortals the gas is harmless and appears colorless.


Bloodhunt features multiple characters to play as, called Archetypes, which are representatives of specific Kindred Clans. At this time there are 8 archetypes, representing 4 of the clans from Vampire: The Masquerade.


  • Brute - Frontline defender. The Brute comes to defense of their allies while keeping enemies at bay.
  • Vandal - Reckless brawler. Immense strength is channeled through the fist of the Vandal, making them bring the combat up close and personal with enhanced durability and crushing force.


  • Prowler - Relentless hunter. By mastering the creatures of nature as well as the Beast within, the Prowler gains unparalleled abilities to track and reveal their enemies.
  • Saboteur - Stealthy trapper. Shifting through the shadows, the Saboteur utilizes defensive contraptions to punish reckless enemies.


  • Muse - Rejuvenate presence. Whenever allies falter, the Muse runs to the rescue and inspires them back into the fray through their enchanting song.
  • Siren - Stunning beauty. Sirens are always looking for the next opportunity to leave enemies blinded by the mere sight of their beauty.


  • Enforcer - Imposing juggernaut. The resolute will of the Enforcer disrupts enemy minds into a state of submission and disarray, crippling their usual supernatural prowess into mere shambles.
  • Warden - Commanding Authority. Take command of the battlefield and compel your enemies to halt their movement.


Bloodhunt features 4 different gameplay modes that include both solo and grouped experiences.

Bloodhunt Mode

Bloodhunt mode is solo queue battle royale mode featuring up to 42 players with one major difference from similar modes. In Bloodhunt mode, all players have extra lives. Upon death, the player returns to the match and can fight again. Players can regain lost extra lives by feeding on specific Potent Civilians. The easiest way to find them is by using Heightened Senses. Bloodhunt mode currently features bot backfilling to shorten match queue times and provide new and lower skilled players a better experience in which to learn the game.


Duos mode is a 2-player queue battle royale mode featuring up to 21 teams of 2. Players may queue with another player or by themselves to be matched with a teammate. There are no extra lives in this mode, however players can revive a teammate from a downed state faster, or respawn a dead teammate at specific respawn stations across the map. Duos mode currently features bot backfilling to shorten match queue times and provide new and lower skilled players a better game experience in which to learn the game.


Trios mode is a 3-player queue battle royale mode featuring up to 10 teams of 3. Players may queue with up to 2 other players or by themselves and be matched with teammates. Like Duos, there are no extra lives in this mode, however players can revive a teammate from a downed state faster, or respawn a dead teammate at specific respawn stations across the map. Trios mode does not feature bots and is the only mode currently that consists wholly of other real players.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch mode (or TDM) is a 3-player queue death match mode featuring 2 teams of 6. Players may queue with up to 2 other players or by themselves and be matched with teammates. Once in a match, the players group of 3 is teamed up with another group of 3 to face off against an opposing team of 6 players in a race to see who can reach 40 kills first. TDM is unique among the game modes as it does away with the battle royale style of play. It also removes the appearance of Entity hunters, mortals, diablerie and certain loot types from the game. All players started with maxed out Blood Resonance dots, and die instantly upon depletion of health instead of entering a downed state. Upon death, players are not out of the game, instead respawning after a short duration to continue the battle until the match timer runs out or a team achieves victory. This mode takes place across 1 of 5 maps created from portions of the overall city map from the other game modes. Guns and other loot are still randomized, but appear at set spawn points around each map that refresh after a set duration. TDM currently features bot backfilling to shorten match queue times and provide new and lower skilled players a better game experience.

Character Customization

Players can customize each vampire archetype individually, picking from a variety of character, clothing, and accessory options to make their character unique to their preferred style. Cosmetic items can be acquired from various sources, including Quest rewards, Mastery challenges, progressing through the Battle Pass, and through purchases on the in-game Cosmetic shop. There are also cosmetics available through external sources, such as codes given away through contests and conventions as well as Twitch Drops from watching qualifying Twitch streamers.

Customization options include:


  • Body
    • Type
    • Head
    • Skin Tone
  • Hair
    • Haircut
    • Hair Color
  • Eyes
  • Eyebrows
    • Shape
    • Color
  • Makeup
  • Tattoos
  • Facial Hair (Masculine Body Type only)
    • Shape
    • Color


  • Outfits
  • Accessories
    • Piercings
    • Masks
    • Eyewear
  • Emotes
  • Player Icons
  • Player Banners



The events of the game are set in the wake of the Second Convention of Prague, in the city of Prague. The Elysium is housed underneath Prague Castle, and matches take place in the Old Town district of the city. Though the timeframe is ambiguous, clues in-game place it some time in 2020.


The Second Convention of Prague was meant to be a catalyst for peace between the Anarch and Camarilla sects, a peace that had been shattered during the First Convention of Prague in 2012. Though talks were tense, a resolution was close at hand when the meeting was attacked by a group known as the Entity. In the chaos that followed, many Kindred involved in the meeting met their finals deaths, and each side blames the other for this massive breach in security.

With the Prince missing, the remaining leadership of the court falls back on one of his last declarations: Any breach of the Masquerade, no matter how small, will be met with a Blood Hunt. To this end, they have called a Blood Hunt on all Anarchs still in the city in the hopes that eradication of the other sect will be enough to convince the Entity that they have destroyed all vampires in the city allowing the city's Camarilla to go to ground until the hunters leave.

Chapter 1: Founders(Early Access)

The night after the attack Custos, Keeper of Elysium, reopens the old Elysium used by the city's previous Princes in the aftermath of the attack on the Second Convention. Joining him first are the Toreador Primogen and Harpy, Maia along with the Brujah Primogen and Sheriff, Kirill. As they try to regroup and redirect the Camarilla of the city to the new location, they begin to wonder after the other members of the court and make plans to survive the night.

Not long after, the Nosferatu Primogen and spymaster, Omnis appears bearing evidence that Prince Markus survived the attack, but his trail was lost and his whereabouts remain a mystery. Omnis sets about setting up a new surveillance network for the city to help get things under control. Maia begins to prepare for the Princes return, while Kirill starts forming plans to send out a search party to find him.

Retribution Logo

Chapter 2: Retribution

News arrives that the information Omnis brought to the Elysium came too late. Prince Markus is dead, caught in the blaze set at the St. Guiles church where he was trapped the previous night when escaping the attack. Kirill has made a hole in the wall of the main hall in the Elysium, exposing an old Brujah meeting area, where he takes up residence. In light of Prince's demise, and tired of the others holding him back, Kirill decides to claim Praxis at least until the city is safe. Custos supports his bid wholeheartedly, but Maia and Omnis have their reservations.

Kirill aims to end the Anarch threat as swiftly and violently as possible. To this end, he begins to enact his plans, including pointing the Entity directly at the Anarchs, and recruiting more members to his personal group, called the Lions. Omnis decodes a message that they learn too late came from Prince Markus himself. The message is short and simple, but insinuate that he may have been betrayed by a member of the court. "Main and secret exits blocked! Find Judas."

Succession Logo

Chapter 3: Succession

Despite difficulties in the wake of the attack, the childe of Former Prince Markus, Em, makes her way to the Elysium. She comes bearing a mandate from the Ventrue Justicar Lucinde to restore the Masquerade. Taking up the mantle of Chief of Security, Em takes up residence in the modern looking office suite attached to the Elysium and begins coordinating efforts to fulfill the mandate she bears. She quickly gains support from other court members in the Elysium, neutering Kirill's plans as interim Prince before they can fully begin taking effect. Custos hopes that Em and Kirill can work together despite the traditionally opposing views of the Ventrue and Brujah, while Maia puts the finishing touches on turning the Hall of Amenity into an Elysium-housed Kindred night club. As Omnis continues to expand the lower levels of the Elysium and set up the Nosferatu surveillance systems, they also begin an investigation of their own.

Meanwhile, the Anarchs start to become more organized, striking key targets important to members of the Camarilla, and whispers of Cultist activity in the city begin to turn up in the Elysium, accompanied by evidence that they bear with them a copy of the Book of Nod. As Em and Kirill try to counteract each others plots, Omnis and Maia learn the truth behind Em's mandate, and begin to manipulate the rest of the courts plots to their own ends as they turn Custos against the Brujah Sheriff.

Chapter 4

With her plotting and subterfuge technically successful, Em has eroded Kirill's power among the leaders in Elysium and laid claim to the title of Prince. Despite Kirill's impotent fury at the others backing the Ventrue, the others are hopeful that she can bring the conflict in the city to a much less violent conclusion. As she continues her work in preserving the Masquerade continues, clues begin to come to light detailing the secrets and fears of some of Prague's court members.

Notable Characters

  • Custos - Gangrel, Keeper of Elysium
  • Em - Ventrue, Chief of Security
  • Kirill - Brujah, Sheriff and Primogen
  • Maia - Toreador, Harpy and Primogen
  • Markus - Ventrue, Prince
  • Omnis - Nosferatu, Primogen

Minor Characters

  • Carlak
  • Gaspard
  • Liraz
  • Maus
  • Quilla
  • Rene
  • Sasha Esser
  • Vasily


Main Quests

Main quests detail the main story developing across Bloodhunt's content updates, moving the story forward as they release. Upon release, Main Quests were originally retired at the end of each season to progress the story forward in a clear manner, but this has since been changed and main quests are now permanent additions to the game.

Side Quests

Side quests are tasks given to the player by the characters in Elysium that reveal some of the background information and events happening during the bigger events of Bloodhunt.

Retired Quests

These are quests that have been removed from the game, either because they were a limited time event, or because they were Main Quests removed to progress the story.

  • Bloody Roots
  • Gallow's Hill
  • Dirty Work
  • Stakeout
  • Casus Belli
  • Pied Piper
  • Tried and Trusted
  • Becoming a Lion
  • Inside Job

Additional Information