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This guide is meant to help wiki contributors with quick references, code bits and links to most useful used templates.

Gaining editor rights

Every logged in user can submit edits and new articles to the wiki. The account must be created via Paradox Forum. After logging in, refreshing the page should display a nickname in top right corner - this means the account is ready to submit edits.

Editing existing articles

Existing articles can be edited by clicking on edit source link in top right corner. "Edit" leads to visual editor that has known issues - it is advised to use source instead. All edits, except for those made by admins, need admin approval before they overlap the previous revision. If unsure about the planned revision or the state of uploaded revision, contact the mod team via World of Darkness Discord (#wiki-feedback or #wiki-collab channel).

If a text included in the article doesn't appear in its source - for example, within right-hand side tables - it means it's being parsed from another article using a Template. Templates are indicated in source by using {{ }} and can be accessed by typing in URL https://vtm.paradoxwikis.com/Template:Name, where "Name" is the text contained in between {{ }}.

Translating existing articles

Translations are handled through Template:Languages. To begin translating an article, create a new article which will host a translated version by using URL https://vtm.paradoxwikis.com/Name, with "Name" being the designed article title, and clicking on "create page" link. If the name is the same to existing articles - like with clan names - create a new article by adding a language abbreviation to the URL. For example, Ukrainian page for clan Tremere would like this: https://vtm.paradoxwikis.com/Tremere UA. For official list of abbreviations, check Template:Languages. If your desired translation language is missing from the template, let us know via World of Darkness Discord (#wiki-feedback channel).

Creating new articles

To create a new article, use the URL https://vtm.paradoxwikis.com/Name, where "Name" is designed article title. Then, click on "create the page" link and begin editing it using "Edit source" link in top right corner.

Uploading files and images

Text edits should be performed first before attempting to upload images - in order to protect the wiki from malicious uploads, the system flags accounts which perform file uploads as one of their first actions. This might prevent logged in users from uploading the files.

Make sure that the pictures come from official V5-aligned sources - don't upload fan-art and other art found online that has no explicit license to be used on the wiki. For licensing reasons, refrain from uploading photos and photo-illustrations featured in Vampire: The Masquerade Corebook, Anarch, and Camarilla books.

This passage must be added to any official artwork or illustrations from the products:



[[Category:Category Name]]

Where "Category Name" is a destined category for the image (like Characters).

Useful code and templates

Game Concepts Navigation box - add to the bottom of any article that works as one of the base game concepts. {{Template:GameConceptsNavbox}}


When citing the same page multiple times in one article, instead of using <ref> like in examples below, name the reference using <ref name=":X"> where "X" is the number value of the ref, starting from 0. Next citations can be then done simply by adding <ref name=":X" />.


This sentence uses an example reference with the number value 0[1]. This sentence uses the same reference[1].

Code: This sentence uses an example reference with the number value 0<ref name=":0">[[Vampire: The Masquerade Corebook]], page 218</ref>. This sentence uses the same reference<ref name=":0" />.

References to products


<ref>[[Vampire: The Masquerade Corebook]], page X</ref>

The Companion

<ref>[[Vampire: The Masquerade Companion]], page x</ref>


<ref>[[Vampire: The Masquerade Camarilla]], page X</ref>


<ref>[[Vampire: The Masquerade Anarch]], page X</ref>

Sabbat - The Black Hand

<ref>[[Vampire: The Masquerade Sabbat: The Black Hand]], page X</ref>

Cults of the Blood Gods

<ref>[[Vampire: The Masquerade Cults of the Blood Gods]], page X</ref>

Children of the Blood

<ref>[[Vampire: The Masquerade Children of the Blood]], page X</ref>

Chicago by Night

<ref>[[Vampire: The Masquerade Chicago by Night]], page X</ref>

Let the Streets Run

<ref>[[Vampire: The Masquerade Let the Streets Run Red]], page X</ref>

The Second Inquisition

<ref>[[Vampire: The Masquerade Second Inquisition]], page x</ref>

Common errors

Error 427 - Often caused by the visual editor. Use source editor instead if that occurs.